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Intro Post!!!!

Hi guys! 

I can't remember if I posted an intro post (too lazy to scoll down a few entries!), but if I didn't....hello! My name is Meg and I'm 20 years old. I am currently in my sophomore year of college and I'm majoring in Neuroscience and I'm pre-med. I recently took a LONG hiatus from livejournal because I was taking spring science classes (ugh). At the begginning, I got really sick due to my low weight and the stress of school. Add that to the hell that I'm dealing with in my parents house and I ended up with a trip to the hospital. After some time, I was able to go back to class, and I've been on the mend ever since. Feel free to friend me guys, I love hearing from all of you and I think some people thought that I had left for good, so I'm so lonely!!!!! ^_^. 
LW: 91 (High school)
CW: 108
HW: 129
STGW: 100 (baby steps!)
LTGW: 95-92-ish

I have gotten used to eating much more than i used to months ago, and now I can't even fast for one day without dying! Can anyone help with this? <3 you guys!

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fasting has always challenged me too...but try Minute Maid Fruit Falls (tropical flavor is my favorite). they are 5 cals each and taste like capri sun but not so grossly sugary. they are not at walmart but are at most small grocery store chains.

diet dr. pepper and diet sunkist helps too. but i understand if youre opposed to diet soda!!! i was my whole life but i'd rather be skinny haha.

good luck!