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Hi there! Less than 500 cals.

     Hi Guys! I'm sorry I have been not updating thic community as often as I'd like to. My computer has been having problems and yada yada yada. In my journal, I have been documenting trying to get betetr from this whole thing. I actually confessed to my boyfriend everything a few weeks ago. It feels good to have the secret out. he really doesn't parent or watch my progress. I gained five pounds from being sick so now I'm on mega restriction. I'm doing this luquid and hard low cal candy diet to lose the five pounds I've gained. I think I will never be able to eat normal because I'm short and everything I eat  shows up on me! I don't want to be fat for the rest of my life. my goal is 94 pounds by Sept 4th. 94 for 9-4! I have been praying and reading the bible a lot. I think this is going to help me be more joyul despite everything.

I've discoved that shoving three fingers down my throat gets up so much more than two. It kicks my butt.

My cal intake today.

    2 handful apple cherrios.:-(
    a couple sour patch candies

    three rice cakes 40 cals each

    smart ones mac and cheese 300calories which was thrown up.
    I almost slipped up and bought my fav candy. Warheads Strawberry Rolls. 100 cals a roll. I toyed with it, but put it back. My friendbbought it after she saw me next to it and offered me one but I said no. i was really happy I did because I saw these two HUGE girls today buying tons and tons of food to sneak into a movie. I'm not trying to be mean, but these girls bouth looked about 3001 a piece realistically and they are in college. They were sloppy and didn't take care of themselves. They told me how they sneak chinese food and other stuff into the movies. Yuck!!!

   Totally took away my appetite. It reminds me how much visuals trigger me.

    Keep in touch!


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