thehappyana (thehappyana) wrote in anorexicfriend,

Water and air.

If I eat and don't throw up, I feel sick for days afterward. I don't think my body can take food anymore. Just like babyfood or something like applesauce. Does anyone else deal with this?

My computer has been down, but my lovely boyfriend is going to try and fix it today. He is super smart with computers. Thankfully, one of is.:-D

Trying to be optimistic as possible. Went to one of the worst neighborhoods in orlando yesterday. I thought I had a struggle, and I look at them and realize how spoiled I am. I'm thankful for my ana. As much as I know the sensible thing would be to try and recover, I don't want to. I like it. Sure, it has it's up and downs. Does anyone really quit it? It's more like putting it on hold.

I haven't weighed myself all week. My period is coming !tmi! and everything is all sensitive.

Vacation goals.

Calorie limits 200-350 cals a day.

Don't pig out on food.

Be very very active.

Drink 3 liters water a day.

Goal we- gotta go boyfriend's ahhhhh!!!!!
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