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First time for everything.

The most important quality, my most important jewel in my heart is to be kind. Kindness is everything. It's so important. I seek knowledge, and sense, wisdom, beauty---but being kind true blue is most important of them all. There are some things in life I must do that are above my head, but being kind is something I can live and be no matter how much I have or have not.

In life, I just want to help and be of service. We have to bring out beauty it the world. The world is a very hard place, and it's not getting any better. Each of us makes our own choices to bring out the beauty of life itself.

Ana to me is an art, a discipline that is misunderstood. Okay, so everyone says it's an illness, which it is It's one of the only illnesses you have to be really good at to be sick. I don't want to be sick sick. I do want to be beautiful inside and out, that my body reflect my ambition.
Thursday- One slice of toast.
Today-nothing until I see my boyfriend and have dinner.

Huge hugs!!!
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