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Everyone one throws up, right?

In my mind, throwing up is normal. It takes away the guilt from eating. When I break down and eat, it can be fixed and washed away. I throw up until my body will give no more, until I see blood. It's a finish line for me. I feel like everyone throws up, that it's normal. How could they not? How can they eat without guilt? Why are they not afraid of fat? One thiry minute Curves session won't cut it. Lean Cuisine meals and Weight Watcher goodies seem like eating a lot. Anything is a lot to me. The only thing I will try not to throw up is veggies, but I end of throwing up everything that isn't water and diet coke. Today I ate broccoli for lunch. It was 30 cals a serving. That was a lot. Today, I ate a little dinner but no sooner had I swallowed it I was in the bathroom maaking sure it came out. I do everything not to eat, but when I screw up I throw up. Throwing up cause puffy face, tooth decay, and blood vessels pop in the eyes. Throwing up is a really bad thing. It doesn't hurt as much as watching the scale go up. I'd throw up my wedding cake. I don't want to be fat. Humpfh.
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